Austrian cuisine is famous for its venison and Wiener schnitzel, among other dishes. And what else can’t we go without?

Why, lingonberries from Darbo – naturally!

The world’s best lingonberries grow in the wild in Scandinavia and we at Darbo only take the very best from this region. Whether used as a sauce or a fruit spread, the lingonberry’s delicate yet sharp taste adds a special touch to desserts as well as meat dishes.


Available in the following varieties:

  • Fruit spread in a 25 g portion
  • Sauce in a mini 38 g jar 
  • Sauce in a 600 g decorative jar (seasonal item) 
  • Fruit spread in a 2 kg tub 
  • Sauce in a 2,8 kg can 
  • Fruit spread in a 4,5 kg can 
  • Sauce in a 4,6 kg can


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