Darbo Dispenser

The breakfast buffet innovation.

Guarantee the perfect start to the day: with the new dispenser from Darbo. Its stylish design and outstanding functionality are prized by restaurant owners, staff and guests alike.

The Darbo Dispenser is a new, hygienic system for dispensing fruit spread, honey and hazelnut spread at the breakfast buffet. High-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminium make the Dispenser the perfect way to offer your guests superior products and sweeten the start of their day. It’s easy and self-explanatory to use, saves time and gives you the space to focus on your top priority – the wellbeing of your guests.

Whatever you like. And whatever your guests like, too.
8 delicacies for the Dispenser.

Provide variety at breakfast and choose from a lavish range of different fruit spreads, honey and hazelnut spread.

Make it easy on yourself.
The dispenser is simple to use.

Step 1
Open top of dispenser
Step 2
Insert bottle
Step 3
Flip open cap
Step 4
Push lever downwards

The benefits at a glance:

Darbo Dispenser
  • Effortless and straightforward to use
  • Portions dispensed hygienically and cleanly
  • Empty dispensing bottles are easily replaced
  • No tool needed
  • Easy to clean, no need to dismantle
  • Dispensing bottles can be re-sealed
  • Restrained design for an appealing look*
  • Clear identification of spread varieties

*PROTECTED DESIGN. Design number (Dispenser): 008256754-0001 / Design number (Bottle): 008315550-0001

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Want a Darbo Dispenser, too?

Our dispensers are available from well-stocked wholesalers – or you can order them directly here from our online shop. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with tailor-made advice on the best solution for your needs.